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Posted on May 25, 2023

Greetings, postcode enthusiasts and trivia buffs! We’re about to embark on a fascinating journey through the letters and numbers that make up the UK’s postcodes. These aren’t just random assortments of characters; they’re gateways to history, landmarks, and the cultural tapestry that makes up the United Kingdom. So, buckle up and get ready to test your knowledge with our Famous Postcodes Quiz!

In this quiz, we’ll be traversing the length and breadth of the UK, visiting illustrious landmarks, iconic institutions, and even the occasional royal residence. Whether you’re a postcode pro or a novice navigator, this quiz is sure to tickle your trivia taste buds and perhaps even inspire your next UK adventure. From the hustle and bustle of London’s WC2E to the far-flung reaches of the Shetland Islands’ ZE, we’ve got a thrilling postcode journey ahead of us. Let’s dive in!



  1. Which famous London theatre can be found at the postcode WC2E 9DD?
  2. The MK postcode area is a group of twenty-six postcode districts around Milton Keynes. What does MK stand for?
  3. If you were visiting the postcode EH1 1YZ, which famous Scottish landmark would you be exploring?
  4. All mail starting with the postcode L69 is for which organisation in Liverpool?
  5. The HU postcode area is a group of twenty postcode districts in east Yorkshire. What does HU stand for?
  6. Which two letters represent the postcode for Glasgow?
  7. All postcodes in the Shetland Islands start with which two letters?
  8. The HR postcode area covers a large part of Herefordshire. What does HR stand for?
  9. The postcode for the famous Beatles crossing is NW8 9AY – where are you visiting?
  10. Which football stadium has the postcode M16 0RA?
  11. The island of Guernsey was assigned the unique postcode prefix GY1 in 1993, but what does GY stand for?
  12. Where exactly would you be at SW1A 2AA?
  13. Who was the most famous person to reside at today’s postcode address of SW1A 0AA?
  14. Which royal residence has the postcode address B1 1BB?
  15. Which famous pier has the postcode BN2 1TW?
  16. Which cathedral would you be visiting if you set your Sat-Nav for EX1 1HS?
  17. The PE postcode area is a group of 31 postcode districts in east England, what does PE stand for?
  18. The middle of nowhere in the UK is in which post code area? We need the first two letters of the postcode.
  19. Where exactly in London would you be visiting if you put the postcode SE10 8XJ into your Sat-Nav?
  20. What can be visited at the postcode SW7 2AP?
  21. Which two letters represent the geographically smallest postcode area in the UK?
  22. Which two letters represent the Cardiff postcode area?
  23. Brighton is in the BN postcode area, what town’s area postcode area does BN represent?
  24. Which castle would you be visiting if you set your satellite navigation system to CA12 5ND?
  25. The whole of the Isle of Man is represented by which two letter postcode?
  26. The word ‘postcode’ is made up in order with the letters of which four postcode regions? We need the names of four cities or towns.
  27. CF10 is the city centre postcode of which capital city?
  28. Which postcode area is represented by the single letter ‘E’?



  1. Royal Opera House
  2. Milton Keynes
  3. Edinburgh Castle
  4. Royal Mail, Liverpool
  5. Hull
  6. G
  7. ZE
  8. Hereford
  9. Abbey Road Studios
  10. Old Trafford
  11. Guernsey
  12. 10 Downing Street
  13. Queen Elizabeth II (Buckingham Palace)
  14. Birmingham Palace
  15. Brighton Palace Pier
  16. Exeter Cathedral
  17. Peterborough
  18. LD (LD1 in Powys)
  19. The O2 Arena
  20. Natural History Museum, London
  21. WC (West Central, London)
  22. CF
  23. Brighton and Hove
  24. Keswick Castle
  25. IM
  26. Portsmouth, Oxford, Sheffield, Truro
  27. Cardiff
  28. East London


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Well, there we have it, folks – our whirlwind tour through the UK via its postcodes! We hope you’ve enjoyed this trivia journey as much as we have. From iconic landmarks to sprawling cities, these postcodes have taken us on an unforgettable exploration across the United Kingdom. Remember, every postcode tells a story, and there’s always a new adventure just a postcode away!

We’d like to thank you for joining us on this journey, and we hope it’s sparked a newfound appreciation for the humble postcode. Feel free to use and share this quiz with your friends, family, pub quiz or even your own website visitors. All we ask is that if you do share it on a website, please kindly link back to our website, https://postcodeforce.com, where you’ll find even more interesting facts and trivia about UK postcodes.

From all of us at Postcode Force, we wish you many more adventures in your future postcode journeys. Until next time, keep exploring!