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List of Outward (Outcodes) Postcodes in United Kingdom

The Outcode is the first part of the postcode, consisting of one or two letters followed by one or two numbers.
There are currently 2977 known outwards (Outcodes) postcodes. Explore them below:

AB10 G78 PA61
AB11 G79 PA62
AB12 G81 PA63
AB13 G82 PA64
AB14 G83 PA65
AB15 G84 PA66
AB16 G9 PA67
AB21 G90 PA68
AB23 GL1 PA7
AB24 GL10 PA70
AB25 GL11 PA71
AB30 GL12 PA72
AB31 GL13 PA73
AB32 GL14 PA74
AB33 GL15 PA75
AB34 GL16 PA76
AB35 GL17 PA77
AB36 GL18 PA78
AB37 GL19 PA8
AB38 GL2 PA80
AB39 GL20 PA9
AB41 GL3 PE1
AB42 GL4 PE10
AB43 GL5 PE11
AB44 GL50 PE12
AB45 GL51 PE13
AB51 GL52 PE14
AB52 GL53 PE15
AB53 GL54 PE16
AB54 GL55 PE19
AB55 GL56 PE2
AB56 GL6 PE20
AB99 GL7 PE21
AL1 GL8 PE22
AL10 GL9 PE23
AL2 GU1 PE24
AL3 GU10 PE25
AL4 GU11 PE26
AL5 GU12 PE27
AL6 GU14 PE28
AL7 GU15 PE29
AL8 GU16 PE3
AL9 GU17 PE30
B1 GU18 PE31
B10 GU19 PE32
B11 GU2 PE33
B12 GU20 PE34
B13 GU21 PE35
B14 GU22 PE36
B15 GU23 PE37
B16 GU24 PE38
B17 GU25 PE4
B18 GU26 PE5
B19 GU27 PE6
B2 GU28 PE7
B20 GU29 PE8
B21 GU3 PE9
B23 GU30 PH1
B24 GU31 PH10
B25 GU32 PH11
B26 GU33 PH12
B27 GU34 PH13
B28 GU35 PH14
B29 GU4 PH15
B3 GU46 PH16
B30 GU47 PH17
B31 GU5 PH18
B32 GU51 PH19
B33 GU52 PH2
B34 GU6 PH20
B35 GU7 PH21
B36 GU8 PH22
B37 GU9 PH23
B38 GY1 PH24
B4 GY10 PH25
B40 GY2 PH26
B42 GY3 PH3
B43 GY4 PH30
B44 GY5 PH31
B45 GY6 PH32
B46 GY7 PH33
B47 GY8 PH34
B48 GY9 PH35
B49 HA0 PH36
B5 HA1 PH37
B50 HA2 PH38
B6 HA3 PH39
B60 HA4 PH4
B61 HA5 PH40
B62 HA6 PH41
B63 HA7 PH42
B64 HA8 PH43
B65 HA9 PH44
B66 HD1 PH49
B67 HD2 PH5
B68 HD3 PH50
B69 HD4 PH6
B7 HD5 PH7
B70 HD6 PH8
B71 HD7 PH9
B72 HD8 PL1
B73 HD9 PL10
B74 HG1 PL11
B75 HG2 PL12
B76 HG3 PL13
B77 HG4 PL14
B78 HG5 PL15
B79 HP1 PL16
B8 HP10 PL17
B80 HP11 PL18
B9 HP12 PL19
B90 HP13 PL2
B91 HP14 PL20
B92 HP15 PL21
B93 HP16 PL22
B94 HP17 PL23
B95 HP18 PL24
B96 HP19 PL25
B97 HP2 PL26
B98 HP20 PL27
B99 HP21 PL28
BA1 HP22 PL29
BA10 HP23 PL3
BA11 HP27 PL30
BA12 HP3 PL31
BA13 HP4 PL32
BA14 HP5 PL33
BA15 HP6 PL34
BA16 HP7 PL35
BA20 HP9 PL5
BA21 HR1 PL6
BA22 HR2 PL7
BA5 HR5 PL95
BA7 HR7 PO10
BA8 HR8 PO11
BA9 HR9 PO12
BB1 HS1 PO13
BB10 HS2 PO14
BB11 HS3 PO15
BB12 HS4 PO16
BB18 HS5 PO17
BB2 HS6 PO18
BB3 HS7 PO19
BB5 HS9 PO20
BB6 HU1 PO21
BB7 HU10 PO22
BB8 HU11 PO3
BB9 HU12 PO30
BB94 HU13 PO31
BD1 HU14 PO32
BD10 HU15 PO33
BD11 HU16 PO34
BD12 HU17 PO35
BD13 HU18 PO36
BD14 HU19 PO37
BD15 HU2 PO38
BD16 HU20 PO39
BD17 HU3 PO4
BD18 HU4 PO40
BD19 HU5 PO41
BD20 HU7 PO6
BD21 HU8 PO7
BD22 HU9 PO8
BD23 HX1 PO9
BD24 HX2 PR0
BD4 HX4 PR11
BD6 HX6 PR25
BD7 HX7 PR26
BD9 IG10 PR4
BD97 IG11 PR5
BD98 IG2 PR6
BD99 IG3 PR7
BH10 IG5 PR9
BH11 IG6 RG1
BH12 IG7 RG10
BH13 IG8 RG12
BH14 IG9 RG14
BH15 IM1 RG17
BH16 IM2 RG18
BH17 IM3 RG19
BH18 IM4 RG2
BH19 IM5 RG20
BH2 IM6 RG21
BH20 IM7 RG22
BH21 IM8 RG23
BH22 IM9 RG24
BH23 IM99 RG25
BH24 IP1 RG26
BH25 IP10 RG27
BH3 IP11 RG28
BH31 IP12 RG29
BH4 IP13 RG30
BH5 IP14 RG31
BH6 IP15 RG4
BH7 IP16 RG40
BH8 IP17 RG41
BH9 IP18 RG42
BL0 IP19 RG45
BL11 IP20 RG6
BL2 IP21 RG7
BL3 IP22 RG8
BL4 IP23 RG9
BL5 IP24 RH1
BL6 IP25 RH10
BL7 IP26 RH11
BL78 IP27 RH12
BL8 IP28 RH13
BL9 IP29 RH14
BN1 IP3 RH15
BN10 IP30 RH16
BN11 IP31 RH17
BN12 IP32 RH18
BN13 IP33 RH19
BN14 IP4 RH2
BN15 IP5 RH20
BN16 IP6 RH3
BN17 IP7 RH4
BN18 IP8 RH5
BN20 IP98 RH7
BN21 IV1 RH77
BN22 IV10 RH8
BN23 IV11 RH9
BN24 IV12 RM1
BN25 IV13 RM10
BN26 IV14 RM11
BN27 IV15 RM12
BN3 IV16 RM13
BN41 IV17 RM14
BN42 IV18 RM15
BN43 IV19 RM16
BN44 IV2 RM17
BN45 IV20 RM18
BN5 IV21 RM19
BN50 IV22 RM2
BN51 IV23 RM20
BN52 IV24 RM3
BN6 IV25 RM4
BN7 IV26 RM5
BN8 IV27 RM6
BN88 IV28 RM7
BN91 IV30 RM9
BN95 IV31 S1
BN99 IV32 S10
BR1 IV36 S11
BR2 IV4 S12
BR3 IV40 S13
BR4 IV41 S14
BR5 IV42 S17
BR6 IV43 S18
BR7 IV44 S2
BR8 IV45 S20
BS1 IV46 S21
BS10 IV47 S25
BS11 IV48 S26
BS13 IV49 S3
BS14 IV5 S32
BS15 IV51 S33
BS16 IV52 S35
BS2 IV53 S36
BS20 IV54 S4
BS21 IV55 S40
BS22 IV56 S41
BS23 IV6 S42
BS24 IV63 S43
BS25 IV7 S44
BS26 IV8 S45
BS27 IV9 S49
BS28 IV99 S5
BS29 JE1 S6
BS3 JE2 S60
BS30 JE3 S61
BS31 JE4 S62
BS32 KA1 S63
BS34 KA10 S64
BS35 KA11 S65
BS36 KA12 S66
BS37 KA13 S7
BS39 KA14 S70
BS4 KA15 S71
BS40 KA16 S72
BS41 KA17 S73
BS48 KA18 S74
BS49 KA19 S75
BS5 KA2 S8
BS6 KA20 S80
BS7 KA21 S81
BS8 KA22 S9
BS9 KA23 S95
BS98 KA24 S96
BS99 KA25 S97
BT1 KA26 S98
BT10 KA27 S99
BT11 KA28 SA1
BT12 KA29 SA10
BT13 KA3 SA11
BT14 KA30 SA12
BT15 KA4 SA13
BT16 KA5 SA14
BT17 KA6 SA15
BT18 KA7 SA16
BT19 KA8 SA17
BT2 KA9 SA18
BT20 KT1 SA19
BT21 KT10 SA2
BT22 KT11 SA20
BT23 KT12 SA3
BT24 KT13 SA31
BT25 KT14 SA32
BT26 KT15 SA33
BT27 KT16 SA34
BT28 KT17 SA35
BT29 KT18 SA36
BT3 KT19 SA37
BT30 KT2 SA38
BT31 KT20 SA39
BT32 KT21 SA4
BT33 KT22 SA40
BT34 KT23 SA41
BT35 KT24 SA42
BT36 KT3 SA43
BT37 KT4 SA44
BT38 KT5 SA45
BT39 KT6 SA46
BT4 KT7 SA47
BT40 KT8 SA48
BT41 KT9 SA5
BT42 KW1 SA6
BT43 KW10 SA61
BT44 KW11 SA62
BT45 KW12 SA63
BT46 KW13 SA64
BT47 KW14 SA65
BT48 KW15 SA66
BT49 KW16 SA67
BT5 KW17 SA68
BT51 KW2 SA69
BT52 KW3 SA7
BT53 KW5 SA70
BT54 KW6 SA71
BT55 KW7 SA72
BT56 KW8 SA73
BT57 KW9 SA8
BT6 KY1 SA80
BT60 KY10 SA9
BT61 KY11 SA99
BT62 KY12 SE1
BT63 KY13 SE10
BT64 KY14 SE11
BT65 KY15 SE12
BT66 KY16 SE13
BT67 KY2 SE14
BT68 KY3 SE15
BT69 KY4 SE16
BT7 KY5 SE17
BT70 KY6 SE18
BT71 KY7 SE19
BT75 KY9 SE2
BT76 KY99 SE20
BT77 L1 SE21
BT78 L10 SE22
BT79 L11 SE23
BT8 L12 SE24
BT80 L13 SE25
BT81 L14 SE26
BT82 L15 SE27
BT9 L16 SE28
BT92 L17 SE3
BT93 L18 SE4
BT94 L19 SE5
CA1 L2 SE6
CA10 L20 SE7
CA11 L21 SE8
CA12 L22 SE9
CA13 L23 SG1
CA14 L24 SG10
CA15 L25 SG11
CA16 L26 SG12
CA17 L27 SG13
CA18 L28 SG14
CA19 L29 SG15
CA2 L3 SG16
CA20 L30 SG17
CA21 L31 SG18
CA22 L32 SG19
CA23 L33 SG2
CA24 L34 SG3
CA25 L35 SG4
CA26 L36 SG5
CA27 L37 SG6
CA28 L38 SG7
CA3 L39 SG8
CA4 L4 SG9
CA5 L40 SK1
CA6 L5 SK10
CA7 L6 SK11
CA8 L67 SK12
CA9 L68 SK13
CA95 L69 SK14
CB1 L7 SK15
CB10 L70 SK16
CB11 L71 SK17
CB2 L72 SK2
CB21 L74 SK22
CB22 L75 SK23
CB23 L8 SK3
CB24 L80 SK4
CB25 L9 SK5
CB4 LA10 SK7
CB5 LA11 SK8
CB6 LA12 SK9
CB7 LA13 SL0
CB8 LA14 SL1
CB9 LA15 SL2
CF10 LA16 SL3
CF11 LA17 SL4
CF14 LA18 SL5
CF15 LA19 SL6
CF23 LA2 SL60
CF24 LA20 SL7
CF3 LA21 SL8
CF30 LA22 SL9
CF31 LA23 SL95
CF32 LA3 SM1
CF33 LA4 SM2
CF34 LA5 SM3
CF35 LA6 SM4
CF36 LA7 SM5
CF37 LA8 SM6
CF38 LA9 SM7
CF39 LD1 SN1
CF40 LD2 SN10
CF41 LD3 SN11
CF42 LD4 SN12
CF43 LD5 SN13
CF44 LD6 SN14
CF45 LD7 SN15
CF46 LD8 SN16
CF47 LE1 SN2
CF48 LE10 SN25
CF5 LE11 SN26
CF61 LE12 SN3
CF62 LE13 SN38
CF63 LE14 SN4
CF64 LE15 SN5
CF71 LE16 SN6
CF72 LE17 SN7
CF81 LE18 SN8
CF82 LE19 SN9
CF83 LE2 SN99
CF91 LE21 SO14
CF95 LE3 SO15
CF99 LE4 SO16
CH1 LE41 SO17
CH2 LE5 SO18
CH25 LE55 SO19
CH26 LE6 SO20
CH27 LE65 SO21
CH28 LE67 SO22
CH29 LE7 SO23
CH3 LE8 SO24
CH30 LE87 SO25
CH31 LE9 SO30
CH32 LE94 SO31
CH33 LE95 SO32
CH34 LL11 SO40
CH4 LL12 SO41
CH41 LL13 SO42
CH42 LL14 SO43
CH43 LL15 SO45
CH44 LL16 SO50
CH45 LL17 SO51
CH46 LL18 SO52
CH47 LL19 SO53
CH48 LL20 SO97
CH49 LL21 SP1
CH5 LL22 SP10
CH6 LL23 SP11
CH60 LL24 SP2
CH61 LL25 SP3
CH62 LL26 SP4
CH63 LL27 SP5
CH64 LL28 SP6
CH65 LL29 SP7
CH66 LL30 SP8
CH7 LL31 SP9
CH70 LL32 SR1
CH8 LL33 SR2
CH88 LL34 SR3
CH99 LL35 SR4
CM0 LL36 SR43
CM1 LL37 SR5
CM11 LL38 SR6
CM12 LL39 SR7
CM13 LL40 SR8
CM14 LL41 SS0
CM15 LL42 SS1
CM16 LL43 SS11
CM17 LL44 SS12
CM18 LL45 SS13
CM19 LL46 SS14
CM2 LL47 SS15
CM20 LL48 SS16
CM21 LL49 SS17
CM22 LL51 SS2
CM23 LL52 SS22
CM24 LL53 SS3
CM3 LL54 SS4
CM4 LL55 SS5
CM5 LL56 SS6
CM6 LL57 SS7
CM7 LL58 SS8
CM77 LL59 SS9
CM8 LL60 SS99
CM9 LL61 ST1
CM92 LL62 ST10
CM98 LL63 ST11
CM99 LL64 ST12
CO1 LL65 ST13
CO10 LL66 ST14
CO11 LL67 ST15
CO12 LL68 ST16
CO13 LL69 ST17
CO14 LL70 ST18
CO15 LL71 ST19
CO16 LL72 ST2
CO2 LL73 ST20
CO3 LL74 ST21
CO4 LL75 ST3
CO5 LL76 ST4
CO6 LL77 ST5
CO7 LL78 ST55
CO9 LN10 ST7
CR0 LN11 ST8
CR2 LN12 ST9
CR3 LN13 SW10
CR4 LN2 SW11
CR44 LN3 SW12
CR5 LN4 SW13
CR6 LN5 SW14
CR7 LN6 SW15
CR8 LN7 SW16
CR9 LN8 SW17
CR90 LN9 SW18
CT1 LS1 SW19
CT10 LS10 SW1A
CT11 LS11 SW1E
CT12 LS12 SW1H
CT13 LS13 SW1P
CT14 LS14 SW1V
CT15 LS15 SW1W
CT16 LS16 SW1X
CT17 LS17 SW1Y
CT18 LS18 SW2
CT19 LS19 SW20
CT20 LS20 SW4
CT21 LS21 SW5
CT3 LS22 SW6
CT4 LS23 SW7
CT5 LS24 SW8
CT50 LS25 SW9
CT6 LS26 SW95
CT7 LS27 SY1
CT8 LS28 SY10
CT9 LS29 SY11
CV1 LS3 SY12
CV10 LS4 SY13
CV11 LS5 SY14
CV12 LS6 SY15
CV13 LS7 SY16
CV2 LS8 SY17
CV21 LS88 SY18
CV22 LS9 SY19
CV23 LS98 SY2
CV3 LS99 SY20
CV31 LU1 SY21
CV32 LU2 SY22
CV33 LU3 SY23
CV34 LU4 SY24
CV35 LU5 SY25
CV36 LU6 SY3
CV37 LU7 SY4
CV4 M1 SY5
CV47 M11 SY6
CV5 M12 SY7
CV6 M13 SY8
CV7 M14 SY9
CV8 M15 SY99
CV9 M16 TA1
CW1 M17 TA10
CW10 M18 TA11
CW11 M19 TA12
CW12 M2 TA13
CW2 M20 TA14
CW3 M21 TA15
CW4 M22 TA16
CW5 M23 TA17
CW6 M24 TA18
CW7 M25 TA19
CW8 M26 TA2
CW9 M27 TA20
CW98 M28 TA21
DA1 M29 TA22
DA10 M3 TA23
DA11 M30 TA24
DA12 M31 TA3
DA13 M32 TA4
DA14 M33 TA5
DA15 M34 TA6
DA16 M35 TA7
DA17 M38 TA8
DA18 M4 TA9
DA2 M40 TD1
DA3 M41 TD10
DA4 M43 TD11
DA5 M44 TD12
DA6 M45 TD13
DA7 M46 TD14
DA8 M5 TD15
DA9 M50 TD2
DD1 M6 TD3
DD10 M60 TD4
DD11 M61 TD5
DD2 M7 TD6
DD3 M8 TD7
DD4 M9 TD8
DD5 M90 TD9
DD6 M99 TF1
DD7 ME1 TF10
DD8 ME10 TF11
DD9 ME11 TF12
DE1 ME12 TF13
DE11 ME13 TF2
DE12 ME14 TF3
DE13 ME15 TF4
DE14 ME16 TF5
DE15 ME17 TF6
DE21 ME18 TF7
DE22 ME19 TF8
DE23 ME2 TF9
DE24 ME20 TN1
DE3 ME3 TN10
DE4 ME4 TN11
DE45 ME5 TN12
DE5 ME6 TN13
DE55 ME7 TN14
DE56 ME8 TN15
DE6 ME9 TN16
DE65 ME99 TN17
DE7 MK1 TN18
DE72 MK10 TN19
DE73 MK11 TN2
DE74 MK12 TN20
DE75 MK13 TN21
DE99 MK14 TN22
DG1 MK15 TN23
DG10 MK16 TN24
DG11 MK17 TN25
DG12 MK18 TN26
DG13 MK19 TN27
DG14 MK2 TN28
DG16 MK3 TN29
DG3 MK40 TN30
DG4 MK41 TN31
DG5 MK42 TN32
DG6 MK43 TN33
DG7 MK44 TN34
DG8 MK45 TN35
DG9 MK46 TN36
DH1 MK5 TN37
DH2 MK6 TN38
DH3 MK7 TN39
DH4 MK77 TN4
DH5 MK8 TN40
DH8 ML10 TN7
DH9 ML11 TN8
DH97 ML12 TN9
DH98 ML2 TQ1
DH99 ML3 TQ10
DL1 ML4 TQ11
DL10 ML5 TQ12
DL11 ML6 TQ13
DL12 ML7 TQ14
DL13 ML8 TQ2
DL14 ML9 TQ3
DL15 N1 TQ4
DL16 N10 TQ5
DL17 N11 TQ6
DL2 N12 TQ7
DL3 N13 TQ8
DL4 N14 TQ9
DL5 N15 TR1
DL6 N16 TR10
DL7 N17 TR11
DL8 N18 TR12
DL9 N19 TR13
DL98 N1C TR14
DN1 N1P TR15
DN10 N2 TR16
DN11 N20 TR17
DN12 N21 TR18
DN14 N22 TR19
DN15 N3 TR2
DN16 N4 TR20
DN17 N5 TR21
DN18 N6 TR22
DN19 N7 TR23
DN2 N8 TR24
DN20 N81 TR25
DN21 N9 TR26
DN22 NE1 TR27
DN3 NE10 TR3
DN31 NE11 TR4
DN32 NE12 TR5
DN33 NE13 TR6
DN34 NE15 TR7
DN35 NE16 TR8
DN36 NE17 TR9
DN37 NE18 TS1
DN38 NE19 TS10
DN39 NE2 TS11
DN4 NE20 TS12
DN40 NE21 TS13
DN41 NE22 TS14
DN5 NE23 TS15
DN6 NE24 TS16
DN7 NE25 TS17
DN8 NE26 TS18
DN9 NE27 TS19
DT1 NE28 TS2
DT10 NE29 TS20
DT11 NE3 TS21
DT2 NE30 TS22
DT3 NE31 TS23
DT4 NE32 TS24
DT5 NE33 TS25
DT6 NE34 TS26
DT7 NE35 TS27
DT8 NE36 TS28
DT9 NE37 TS29
DY1 NE38 TS3
DY10 NE39 TS4
DY11 NE4 TS5
DY12 NE40 TS6
DY13 NE41 TS7
DY14 NE42 TS8
DY2 NE43 TS9
DY3 NE44 TW1
DY4 NE45 TW10
DY5 NE46 TW11
DY6 NE47 TW12
DY7 NE48 TW13
DY8 NE49 TW14
DY9 NE5 TW15
E1 NE6 TW16
E10 NE61 TW17
E11 NE62 TW18
E12 NE63 TW19
E13 NE64 TW2
E14 NE65 TW20
E15 NE66 TW3
E16 NE67 TW4
E17 NE68 TW5
E18 NE69 TW6
E2 NE70 TW8
E20 NE71 TW9
E3 NE8 UB1
E4 NE82 UB10
E5 NE83 UB11
E6 NE85 UB18
E7 NE88 UB2
E8 NE9 UB3
E9 NE92 UB4
E98 NE98 UB5
EC1R NG12 W10
EC1V NG13 W11
EC1Y NG14 W12
EC2A NG15 W13
EC2M NG16 W14
EC4N NG33 W2
EC4P NG34 W3
EH1 NG7 W7
EH10 NG8 W8
EH11 NG80 W9
EH12 NG9 WA1
EH13 NG90 WA10
EH14 NN1 WA11
EH15 NN10 WA12
EH16 NN11 WA13
EH17 NN12 WA14
EH18 NN13 WA15
EH19 NN14 WA16
EH2 NN15 WA2
EH20 NN16 WA3
EH21 NN17 WA4
EH22 NN18 WA5
EH23 NN2 WA55
EH24 NN29 WA6
EH25 NN3 WA7
EH26 NN4 WA8
EH27 NN5 WA88
EH28 NN6 WA9
EH31 NP10 WC1H
EH32 NP11 WC1N
EH33 NP12 WC1R
EH34 NP13 WC1V
EH35 NP15 WC1X
EH36 NP16 WC2A
EH37 NP18 WC2B
EH38 NP19 WC2E
EH39 NP20 WC2H
EH40 NP23 WC2R
EH41 NP24 WD17
EH42 NP25 WD18
EH43 NP26 WD19
EH44 NP4 WD23
EH45 NP44 WD24
EH46 NP7 WD25
EH47 NP8 WD3
EH48 NR1 WD4
EH49 NR10 WD5
EH5 NR11 WD6
EH51 NR12 WD7
EH52 NR13 WD99
EH53 NR14 WF1
EH54 NR15 WF10
EH55 NR16 WF11
EH6 NR17 WF12
EH7 NR18 WF13
EH8 NR19 WF14
EH9 NR2 WF15
EH91 NR20 WF16
EH95 NR21 WF17
EH99 NR22 WF2
EN1 NR23 WF3
EN10 NR24 WF4
EN11 NR25 WF5
EN2 NR26 WF6
EN3 NR27 WF7
EN4 NR28 WF8
EN5 NR29 WF9
EN6 NR3 WF90
EN7 NR30 WN1
EN77 NR31 WN2
EN8 NR32 WN3
EN9 NR33 WN4
EX1 NR34 WN5
EX10 NR35 WN6
EX11 NR4 WN7
EX12 NR5 WN8
EX13 NR6 WR1
EX14 NR7 WR10
EX15 NR8 WR11
EX16 NR9 WR12
EX17 NR99 WR13
EX18 NW1 WR14
EX19 NW10 WR15
EX2 NW11 WR2
EX21 NW2 WR4
EX22 NW26 WR5
EX23 NW3 WR6
EX24 NW4 WR7
EX31 NW6 WR9
EX32 NW7 WR99
EX33 NW8 WS1
EX34 NW9 WS10
EX35 OL1 WS11
EX36 OL10 WS12
EX37 OL11 WS13
EX38 OL12 WS14
EX39 OL13 WS15
EX4 OL14 WS2
EX5 OL15 WS3
EX6 OL16 WS4
FK10 OL6 WS9
FK11 OL7 WV1
FK12 OL8 WV10
FK13 OL9 WV11
FK14 OX1 WV12
FK15 OX10 WV13
FK16 OX11 WV14
FK17 OX12 WV15
FK18 OX13 WV16
FK19 OX14 WV2
FK2 OX15 WV3
FK20 OX16 WV4
FK21 OX17 WV5
FK3 OX18 WV6
FK5 OX20 WV8
FK6 OX25 WV9
FK7 OX26 WV98
FK8 OX27 WV99
FK9 OX28 YO1
FY1 OX29 YO10
FY2 OX3 YO11
FY3 OX33 YO12
FY4 OX39 YO13
FY5 OX4 YO14
FY6 OX44 YO15
FY7 OX49 YO16
FY8 OX5 YO17
G1 OX7 YO18
G11 OX9 YO19
G12 PA1 YO21
G13 PA10 YO22
G14 PA11 YO23
G15 PA12 YO24
G2 PA13 YO25
G20 PA14 YO26
G21 PA15 YO30
G22 PA16 YO31
G23 PA17 YO32
G3 PA18 YO41
G31 PA19 YO42
G32 PA2 YO43
G33 PA20 YO51
G34 PA21 YO60
G4 PA22 YO61
G40 PA23 YO62
G41 PA24 YO7
G42 PA25 YO8
G43 PA26 YO90
G44 PA27 ZE1
G45 PA28 ZE2
G46 PA29 ZE3
G5 PA3
G51 PA30
G52 PA31
G53 PA32
G58 PA33
G60 PA34
G61 PA35
G62 PA36
G63 PA37
G64 PA38
G65 PA4
G66 PA41
G67 PA42
G68 PA43
G69 PA44
G70 PA45
G71 PA46
G72 PA47
G73 PA48
G74 PA49
G75 PA5
G76 PA6
G77 PA60

There are currently 2977 known outwards (Outcodes) postcodes.

Postcode outcodes (also known as outward codes or area codes)

Postcode outcodes (also known as outward codes or area codes) are the first part of a postcode in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They consist of two to four alphanumeric characters and are used to identify a geographic area or post town. Outcodes are used in addressing, and are typically followed by an inward code, which specifies a particular address within the post town. Our database has detailed information on 2977 known outwards codes (Outcodes).

The British postcode system is divided into two main parts: the Outward Code (Outcode) and the Inward Code (Incode). The Outcode is the first part of the postcode, consisting of one or two letters followed by one or two numbers. These letters are based on the city or town's name, while the numbers signify a specific area within that location. For example, in the postcode "SW1A 1AA", the Outcode is "SW1A".

Outcodes play a vital role in the sorting and delivery of mail within the UK. They allow the Royal Mail to efficiently route items to the correct local delivery office. From there, the Incode, which is the second part of the postcode, helps to further narrow down the destination to a specific street or group of buildings.

To make the system even more efficient, the first letter of an Outcode generally corresponds to a larger geographical area, such as a group of cities or towns. The second letter, if present, narrows it down to a specific town or city. The number(s) following the letters then provide information about the district within that area. This systematic approach ensures a smooth and accurate mail delivery process across the Nation.

Outward Postcodes, or Outcodes, are an integral part of the United Kingdom's postal system. They are the first half of a postcode and help the Royal Mail in sorting and delivering mail to the appropriate local delivery office. By utilising a combination of letters and numbers, the Outcodes provide a reliable and efficient method for routing mail within the UK.