Guide to Living in Edinburgh for Students, Families, and Professionals

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Posted on April 21, 2023

Edinburgh, the enchanting capital of Scotland, is a city that captivates the hearts of those who visit and reside within its ancient walls. Steeped in history and brimming with culture, it offers a unique blend of architectural wonders, world-class festivals, vibrant nightlife, and welcoming locals that make it an irresistible destination for students, young professionals, and families alike.

As you wander through the narrow, cobbled streets and gaze upon the majestic skyline, you’ll soon discover that Edinburgh is not just a city of beauty and charm, but also one of diversity and opportunity. From its bustling city centre with trendy bars and innovative businesses to the quiet, leafy suburbs that offer an idyllic retreat from the urban hustle, there is a neighbourhood in Edinburgh to suit every lifestyle and preference.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a journey through some of the top places to live in Edinburgh. Each area will be brought to life as we explore their unique points of interest, transport links, and the myriad of activities and amenities on offer. By delving into the heart and soul of these neighbourhoods, we aim to help you find the perfect corner of this magical city to call home.


The Top Places to Live in Edinburgh

As you embark on this journey with us, prepare to be enchanted by Edinburgh’s many faces. From the historic grandeur of the Old Town to the contemporary elegance of the New Town, the bohemian vibe of Stockbridge to the serene beauty of Morningside, each neighbourhood offers a distinct and captivating experience. Towards the end of this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of the top areas in Edinburgh.

Whether you are a student seeking the perfect location to immerse yourself in academia, a young professional looking to make your mark in the business world, or a family in search of a nurturing community to raise your children, Edinburgh has a place for everyone. So, let us embark on this adventure together and uncover the very best that this remarkable city has to offer.



Marchmont (EH9)

Marchmont is a highly popular neighbourhood among students due to its close proximity to the University of Edinburgh. This relaxed and friendly area boasts beautiful green spaces and parks, providing an ideal setting for study breaks. Housing options in Marchmont vary from shared flats to private studios, catering to different student preferences.

  • Points of Interest: The Meadows, Bruntsfield Links, Warrender Swim Centre
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses, walking distance to the University of Edinburgh
  • Things to Do: Picnics in the park, visiting local cafes, taking a swim at the Warrender Swim Centre


Newington (EH8, EH9)

Newington is another student favourite, located just south of the city centre. Home to the University of Edinburgh’s main campus, this neighbourhood offers a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and shops catering to students. Accommodation options include student halls, shared flats, and private studios.

  • Points of Interest: The Queen’s Hall, The Meadows, The Commonwealth Pool
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses, walking distance to the University of Edinburgh
  • Things to Do: Attending concerts at The Queen’s Hall, exploring local pubs, swimming at The Commonwealth Pool


Tollcross (EH3)

Tollcross is a lively neighbourhood west of the city centre, known for its vibrant nightlife and affordable housing options. With excellent public transport connections, students can easily explore other parts of Edinburgh.

  • Points of Interest: King’s Theatre, Cameo Cinema, The Meadows
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses, Edinburgh Trams
  • Things to Do: Watching a show at the King’s Theatre, catching a film at the Cameo Cinema, strolling through The Meadows


Haymarket (EH11, EH12)

Haymarket is a bustling neighbourhood west of the city centre and home to Edinburgh Napier University’s main campus. Housing options include student halls, shared flats, and private studios. With excellent transport links, students can easily travel to the city centre or explore other areas in Scotland.

  • Points of Interest: Haymarket Station, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh International Conference Centre
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses, Edinburgh Trams, Haymarket Railway Station
  • Things to Do: Attending events at the Murrayfield Stadium, exploring the local pubs and eateries, visiting the nearby Edinburgh Zoo


Bruntsfield (EH10)

Though Bruntsfield may have higher average property prices than other student-populated neighbourhoods, it offers a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful green spaces, and convenient access to the University of Edinburgh’s main campus. This area is ideal for students who prefer a quieter lifestyle.

  • Points of Interest: Bruntsfield Links, King’s Theatre, The Meadows
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses, walking distance to the University of Edinburgh
  • Things to Do: Relaxing in Bruntsfield Links, watching shows at the King’s Theatre, trying out local cafes and restaurants


Morningside (EH10)

Morningside is a charming, leafy neighbourhood located south of the city centre. This upscale area is known for its independent boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, as well as its beautiful green spaces. With excellent schools and a strong sense of community, Morningside is a fantastic choice for families.

  • Points of Interest: Morningside Library, Morningside Parish Church, Dominion Cinema
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses
  • Things to Do: Visiting the local library, attending events at Morningside Parish Church, watching films at the Dominion Cinema


Stockbridge (EH3, EH4)

Located north of the city centre, Stockbridge is a picturesque neighbourhood with a village-like atmosphere. Known for its weekly farmers’ market, independent shops, and artisan cafes, Stockbridge offers a high quality of life for families.

  • Points of Interest: Royal Botanic Garden, Inverleith Park, Stockbridge Market
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses
  • Things to Do: Strolling through the Royal Botanic Garden, relaxing in Inverleith Park, shopping at the Stockbridge Market


Corstorphine (EH12)

Corstorphine is a family-friendly neighbourhood situated west of the city centre. With a range of housing options, from traditional stone villas to modern developments, Corstorphine caters to various family needs. The area is home to several well-regarded schools and offers a range of local amenities.

  • Points of Interest: Edinburgh Zoo, Corstorphine Hill, Gyle Shopping Centre
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses, Edinburgh Trams
  • Things to Do: Visiting Edinburgh Zoo, exploring Corstorphine Hill, shopping at the Gyle Shopping Centre


Cramond (EH4)

Cramond is a picturesque coastal village situated north-west of the city centre. With its stunning waterfront, historic architecture, and strong sense of community, Cramond is an ideal neighbourhood for families seeking a peaceful lifestyle.

  • Points of Interest: Cramond Island, Cramond Beach, Lauriston Castle
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses
  • Things to Do: Exploring Cramond Island, relaxing on Cramond Beach, visiting Lauriston Castle


Leith (EH6, EH7)

Leith, once an independent port town, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Now a trendy waterfront neighbourhood, Leith boasts a creative community and a thriving food and drink scene. This area is popular among young professionals seeking a vibrant lifestyle.

  • Points of Interest: The Shore, Ocean Terminal, Leith Theatre
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses
  • Things to Do: Dining at award-winning restaurants, shopping at Ocean Terminal, attending events at Leith Theatre


Canonmills (EH3)

Canonmills is a centrally located neighbourhood that offers a quiet escape from the city centre. With its green spaces, independent shops, and cafes, Canonmills is popular among professionals seeking a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Points of Interest: Royal Botanic Garden, Inverleith Park, Water of Leith Walkway
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses
  • Things to Do: Visiting the Royal Botanic Garden, relaxing in Inverleith Park, walking or cycling along the Water of Leith Walkway


New Town (EH2, EH3)

Edinburgh’s New Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its stunning Georgian architecture. With its central location and excellent transport links, this area is popular among professionals who enjoy the convenience and beauty of city living.

  • Points of Interest: George Street, St. Andrew Square, Princes Street
  • Transport Links: Lothian Buses, Edinburgh Trams, Waverley Railway Station
  • Things to Do: Shopping on George Street, attending events at St. Andrew Square, exploring Princes Street Gardens


House Prices in Edinburgh: A Recent Overview

In the past year ( March 2022 – March 2023), the Edinburgh property market has seen a notable increase in average prices. With an overall average price of £334,164, the city has experienced a 6% growth compared to the previous year. However, this figure is still 24% lower than the peak price of £436,908 recorded in 2007.

Edinburgh’s house prices showcase the city’s vibrant property market and its capacity for growth. Whether you’re looking to invest in a home or simply stay informed about the market, these statistics offer a useful snapshot of the current state of affairs in Scotland’s capital.



Edinburgh – Captivating Charm of Scotland’s Capital

As we reach the conclusion of our journey through Edinburgh’s diverse neighbourhoods, it’s evident that each area possesses its own unique charm and allure. From the bustling city centre, rich in culture and nightlife, to the tranquil, verdant suburbs perfect for family living, this enchanting city truly accommodates all walks of life.

When seeking your ideal home in Edinburgh, it’s essential to consider factors such as points of interest, transport connections, and local amenities to ensure that your chosen neighbourhood complements your lifestyle. As you delve into the myriad of options available in this fascinating city, remember to refer to the postcode outcodes provided in this guide to assist you in your quest.

So, without further ado, immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of Edinburgh and embark on an adventure to uncover the ideal location for you to live, work, and thrive in this extraordinary city. Let the captivating charm of Scotland’s capital guide you towards your perfect home and embrace the countless opportunities that await you within its historic streets.